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This is not an Excuse Campaign


This is not an Excuse

Campaign website: www.thisisnotanexcuse.org.uk


“Precious Moments”  Campaign – launch on 25th November 2016 on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


Across Bristol the Home Office estimates that 14,273 women and girls aged 16-59 have been a victim of domestic abuse in the past year. The cost to the local economy is over £40 million per year but the cost to victims and their families is immeasurable. The World Health Organisation describes domestic abuse as an ‘epidemic’ (WHO, 2013) and 1 in 4 women will experience it in their lifetime.

Domestic abuse must be challenged. There is no excuse  for domestic abuse. No one has the right to control or abuse person either physically or mentally.  We hope this will prevent future violence, change the public’s attitude, especially friends and family and where they are concerned about someone in their life we want them to look, listen and ask again. 

The key messages for this campaign are:

  • There is a continuing need to sustain the widest possible awareness of domestic abuse to give victims confidence to take those first tentative steps to empowerment and freedom from abuse and ensure that those around them are ready to support them. We need to:
  • increase awareness and understanding of all forms of domestic abuse, including coercive and controlling behaviour.
  • inspire victims with the courage and confidence to seek help and advice and take the first step to freedom.
  • promote support services across Avon and Somerset for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.And, specifically we want to:


  • encourage audiences – family, friends, colleagues, professionals – to spot the signs and share their concerns.
  • raise awareness of domestic abuse with key target groups – men, BME, LGBT and the elderly who are underrepresented in the reporting of domestic abuse and seeking help.

It is important to note that domestic abuse is not  something experienced just  in the home. We know that 1 in 4 young women and 1 in 6 young men have experienced violence in a teen relationship and increasingly child to parent abuse is being highlighted. Abuse can be emotional, financial, physical and/ or sexual and victims can be anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability.

“Precious Moments”  is the third phase of our  ‘no excuses’ campaign. The first, focused  on rape myths, went Bristol-wide in November 2013 and the second focussed on raising awareness that there is no excuse to rape a victim.  This next phase widens its reach even further across  Avon and Somerset, involves all local authorities and key domestic abuse services,  the Office for the Police Crime Commissioner and is led by Avon and Somerset Police.

This campaign runs from 25th November until 29th December 2016 . Each  week there is a different focus: Women, Men, LBGT, BME and the Elderly.