If you or your family are in immediate danger, or if you have sustained physical injuries, call the police and emergency services on 999.

You Are Not Alone

“You Are Not Alone” Campaign – Signposting you where you can help

The Government have launched the ‘You Are Not Alone’ campaign in April 2020.  Avon and Somerset Police have worked with local services to support this.

They have produced a video which shows you what  happens when someone reports domestic abuse and who is involved in the reporting process. The video also aims to remind survivors that they are not alone, that we are all  still here to help them, and our partners and current specialist services  are also still open and operating during CoVid 19.

Take a look at the video which is in YouTube:

Are you concerned about your partner or the partner of your family, friend etc?

The scheme is for anyone who wants to find out if someone they are in a relationship with poses a risk to them.

Clare’s Law, or the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) allows members of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. Also, a member of the public can  make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member.

If police checks show the person has a record of abusive offences, or suggest a risk of violence or abuse, the police will consider sharing this information.

If the police decide to share the information it will usually be to the person at risk. This is unless someone else is better placed to use the information to protect the person at risk from abuse (e.g. if the person at risk is a young person or a vulnerable adult).

You can put in an application at your local police station. They will not be told that they are being checked out unless the police need to give someone information to keep someone safe– a disclosure. If a disclosure does take place the subject may be informed that someone is going to receive a disclosure about them.
If you want to discuss with a specialist service first you can contact the services on this website.